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Warm Woolen Mittens ::10::
~ Dear Prudence, open up your eyes~
I shuffled around my parents' bedroom quietly. I had replaced the alarm clock there on one of the days Ari had to work, and had made it suitable for sleeping again.
It was early evening, and I was already preparing to go to sleep. I had spent the entire afternoon wrestling with my overwrought emotions. First I had been devastated, so I cried. Then, I had been embarrassed, so I cried some more. When I recalled how open and honest he had been, and how violently I had responded, I took to beating my head against my sofa in irritation. When my head hit the armrest more sharply than intended, I went on a rather violent cursing spree.
By the time I had cleaned up the measurable cut on my forehead, I had some semblance of calm, mostly driven by exhaustion.
I noticed with tired annoyance that the sun hadn't even set yet. I glanced at the new clock. Seven. Great. My sleep cycle is going to be ridiculously off.
I closed my eyes anyway. I didn't e
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Warm Woolen Mittens ::9::
~ The Devil's on your back, but I know you can shake him off ~
After a quick and simple breakfast of pancakes (which were nowhere near as good as those at Horton's), we got to work. When we finished around noon, he turned to me, smiling.
"Is your offer from Tuesday still good?" he asked, brushing his fingers against mine lightly.
My cheeks burned as the prickling started again, and the giggly nausea attacked my stomach. "Yeah," I said shyly.
His smile expanded gloriously. "Then I most graciously accept thy offer, fair maiden."
He had already come in for breakfast, but this time felt so different. We came in the back door this time, as if Ari was a family member, instead of a visitor. Neither of us were rushing to be somewhere, so Ari took the time to examine my home more thoroughly.
He was the first person outside my siblings and Joey's family to see the inside of those walls since the twister, and I was suddenly acutely aware of his interest in everything. He peered at the coun
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Warm Woolen Mittens ::8::
~ Do me a favor, open the door, let 'em in ~
To my immense surprise, Ari was a valuable asset around the farm. My dad—always the kind of man who abused clichés to the death—often said, "Many hands make the work light." I had been doing everything on my own for so long, I had forgotten how quickly my family had gotten all the necessities done when we worked all together.
Of course, Ari and I were only two people, but we still managed to finish a good while before I usually did.
"Anything else?" Ari asked as he pushed my wheelbarrow back into the storage shack.
I shook my head. "You've already done more than I had planned on doing today," I said, glancing back at the small furrows in the ground that had been freshly dug up, "I still don't understand this obsession with a vegetable garden."
He laughed and pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket. "Every woman should have a vegetable garden," he said, wiping the sweat off his neck and face. "It's what makes a house a h
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Making Mirrors .::1::.
Drawing the curtains, windows inside my head...
He is here.
She watched from afar as the young man and woman spun together on the roof. Kay's right hand gripped Gerda's left firmly, but gently, and his left hand was carefully caressing her waist.
There was no one else on the roof of Gerda's grandmother's house, nor was there any audible music. The two moved in perfect synchronization, though—twirling elegantly and lightly though the gentle layer of snow that fell around them. Their smiles grew as Kay's left hand released Gerda, and his right spun her away for a brief moment, then tucked her back into the safety and warmth of his arms. He buried his face in her hair affectionately, and she giggled sweetly. It was blatantly evident that these twenty-something lovers were oblivious to everything but each other.
It was almost enough to make her smile.
But she couldn't—not while she felt him nearby.
She had watched Gerda and Kay for many years. Gerda's grandmo
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APH :: Scotophobia :: Canada
Your heart pounded in your chest as sweat trickled down your forehead. Just moments before, you had been sitting on the sofa with Matthew and his brother Alfred, watching some ridiculously bad horror movie, which postulated that people felt tingles up their spine when they were afraid because of an alien parasite which had affixed itself to the vertebrae. Alfred had been squealing in terror, while you and Matthew had been laughing and rolling your eyes at the ludicrousness of it all. [1]
Then an earthquake had struck. It had been small, but it had managed to do some serious damage, knocking the power out and causing Alfred to scream like a little girl about to be slain by a serial killer.
Matthew had sighed and gone to hunt up the emergency flashlights and candles.
And you? Well, let's just say the parasite affixed to your vertebrae was sending you plenty of tingles.
"Maple hockey," Matthew grumbled, coming back into the living room, "These little earthquakes are so annoying."[2]
You h
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:: Bittersweet Symphony :: A WWM Arc ::
-❀- -❀- -❀-
"Midnight rendezvous"
You hadn't known him long at all; just a couple of days. And you didn't know anything of him other than his name. Flirtatious and furtive glances had been sent and received. And then there had been a note.
It had been signed "Tadhg". So here you are. You drift quietly through the trees, to the same place you kept seeing him.
He is there, waiting. He is tall and svelte, with black hair that reaches his shoulder blades and the brightest blue eyes you have ever seen. He smiles at you and holds out a hand. "You made it," he murmurs eagerly. The American colloquialism sounds strange in his musical Irish voice, and you smile softly.
His closeness suddenly unnerves you. You blush deeply, but cannot stop yourself from reaching out and taking his hand.
He chuckles softly and pulls you into a warm embrace. "Don't worry, Josephine," he purrs, "I won't harm you."
-❀- -❀- -❀-
"There sh
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APH :: What Cancer Cannot Do -Epilogue- :: Denmark
What cancer cannot do
He sat there for several minutes after the doctor had come in and proclaimed ____ dead.
She looked so peaceful, and happy. The lines on her face that had been formed by her grimaces of pain were no more.
Still, he found he couldn't let go. "Please, ____," he whispered urgently, "Don't leave me. Don't!"
You can't order me around, Mister Denmark! He could hear her voice in his mind, as clearly as when she had been with him.
"Mathias…" Lukas called softly, entering the room, "We came as soon as we heard."
Mathias wanted to send him away. He wanted to be alone with ____, to talk to her, make her come back.
But this was a battle even the stubborn, commanding Dane couldn't win. And he knew it.
He placed her frigid hand upon his chest, over his heart, where she would always dwell. "Goodbye, darling. For now."
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APH :: What Cancer Cannot Do -10- :: Denmark
Silence courage
Your breath came and went in deep, rattling wheezes. You tried to control it, for Mathias's sake. You could see a tiny shudder go through him every time you exhaled.
The monitor connected to you beeped steadily in time with your heart.
"I'm so tired, Mat…" you whispered weakly.
He chuckled quietly and wrapped his warm hand over yours. "It's okay."
All the strength you had shown over the past months came from him. As he squeezed your limp fingers, you felt more of it flow into you. For a brief, shimmering moment, you felt like you could conquer anything.
"I love you, Mathias."
The greatest person you'd ever known began to cry. "Jeg elsker dig også."
And then the darkness embraced you, warm and comforting.
The monitor went monotone, and Mathias felt as if the sound were shooting from the machine and into his heart, shattering it.
You were gone.
:iconshayinwonderland:ShayInWonderland 20 16
APH :: What Cancer Cannot Do -9- :: Denmark
Steal eternal life
Mathias casually tossed back a beer as the two of you snuggled together on his porch, watching the sunset.
You had passed the three month milestone. You didn't have any energy at all anymore—Mathias had to carry you from your bedroom to the car, and then to his porch, just so you could watch the sun dip below the horizon one final time.
It was fitting. You could feel your own day disappearing, and watching it happen to the rest of the world gave you a sense of comfort and peace.
"I wish…I wish we'd had more time," you said gently.
"Me too," he answered, before turning to smile at you, "But it was great, wasn't it?"
You pressed your lips to his lightly. "It was. If only it could last forever."
He kissed you tenderly. "It will live forever," he said, placing your hand over his heart, "Here."
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APH :: What Cancer Cannot Do -8- :: Denmark
Corrode faith
The two of you lay curled together in your bed, like two parts that made a perfectly entwined circle. Neither of you stirred, completely wrapped up in the mutual adoration that filled the air around you.
His fingers traced over your thin waist, and drew circles over your hip. "Hey…"
You smiled softly and rolled over to face him. "Yes?"
"____," he began quietly, "I'm not the most romantic guy."
"No shit."
He laughed. "Shut up. I'm trying to say something meaningful here."
You smiled at him. "Alright then, get on with it."
"Alright," he said, gazing deeply into your eyes, "____, I want you to know that I will love you until the day I die."
You beamed happily. Deep within yourself, you knew he believed himself.
And you believed in him, too. "You know something?" you asked, smiling.
You giggled. "You look really funny without your hat."
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APH :: What Cancer Cannot Do -7- :: Denmark
Cripple love
You were nervous, and that was putting it mildly. You'd never done anything like this before.
"Hey sexy~" Mathias called, letting himself into your home. His eyes took you in quietly for a long while. "Whoa," he finally mumbled, blushing faintly.
You shifted uncomfortably in your lilac negligee. It was perfectly suited to your new, diminished form, and it clung to the only curves you still had. "Is that a good 'whoa'?"
He laughed softly and stepped closer to you. "It is a fantastic, glorious, and dear-God-I'm-going-to-take-you-now 'whoa'."
With all the courage you possessed, you leaned forward and wrapped your arms around him. "Mathias… Do it."
His blue eyes widened. "____, I can't. You're so fragile…"
"I don't want to die without having this," you whispered, "Without having you."
His stubbornness wavered. "I don't want to hurt you."
"You never have, and you won't."
"Please, Mathias. Take me."
He did.
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APH :: What Cancer Cannot Do -6- :: Denmark
Shatter hope
You were getting worse on a daily basis. There was no way you could deny it, even if you wanted to.
A little of your strength would disappear every time the sun went down, and when you awoke the next morning, it hadn't returned. Your energy was also nothing like it had once been.
After stopping chemo, your appetite had returned slightly, but you hadn't gained any weight.
The worst part, though, was the way you could now see the tumor that had started the whole thing, poking out from your chest as it grew.
"Here, babe," Mathias said, setting a plate of Frikadeller before you, "I just looked at the calendar."
"Yeah?" you asked, digging into the meatballs happily.
"You're at two months! You're doing great!"
You giggled. "Yeah?"
"Yeah! Only ten months to go! We'll show that doctor!" he said enthusiastically.
"Right!" His enthusiasm was your best weapon.
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APH :: What Cancer Cannot Do -5- :: Denmark
Conquer the spirit
"Ready?" you whispered.
"Ready," Mathias replied, "when I say go."
You nodded and pulled back the M&M set in the rubber band slingshot. "Got it."
The two of you were hiding behind his sofa. Berwald was supposed to be coming to visit, and you and Mathias couldn't resist the urge to tease the extremely serious man.
You heard Berwald's heavy steps as he walked into the front room. You and Mathias waited in tense silence until the footfalls sounded in the middle of the floor.
"Now!" Mathias whispered.
With an admittedly weak war cry, you released the M&M and watched in delight as it flew through the air and hit the Swede in the face.
"SCOOOOOOOORE!" Mathias laughed loudly, scooping you into his arms and spinning with you happily.
You managed to catch Berwald's eye. His whole face was dark, and his eyes were narrowed.
"Crap, Mathias! GET THE AX!"
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APH :: What Cancer Cannot Do -4- :: Denmark
Destroy peace
"Mathias…?" you called quietly.
"What is it, babe?" he answered instantly, curling his arm around you tighter.
"I think I want to stop the chemo." You looked at him intently, gauging his reaction.
All the color drained from his face. "Yeah…?" he whispered.
"I…I feel so tired all the time. And it's not really making that big a difference." This decision hurt, and badly. You had wanted to cling to every second you had left with Mathias. But the chemo had left you feeling like a ghost watching your life run down from afar. "If…if I'm going to die, I want to live."
He chuckled and kissed your forehead. "If that's what you want."
A smile lit up your face, and you felt at ease, now that the decision had been made. You nestled closer to him and set your head on his chest.
"Sexy tease," he murmured.
You laughed.
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APH :: What Cancer Cannot Do -3- :: Denmark
Kill friendship
"____!" Tino cried excitedly, wrapping his arms around you, "You came!"
You laughed and returned his embrace with as much strength as your failing limbs could muster.
You had insisted on accompanying Mathias to this small reunion. It was probably your last chance to see them all together.
"'Ey! Be careful, you're going to hurt her!" Emil grumbled, tugging Tino away.
"She doesn't mind! Do you, ___?"
You smiled and shook your head. Tino's attitude was extremely refreshing. You were losing weight rapidly, and your hair was almost completely gone. Most people were afraid to look at you for too long, lest they hurt you. Only your Finnish friend didn't take this view.
You had always loved being with the Nordics. Their bond of friendship was so strong, and they had taken you in with almost no hesitation.
In finding Mathias, you had also gained a family.
Priceless possessions, indeed.
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APH :: What Cancer Cannot Do -2- :: Denmark ::
Suppress memories
It was strange how, with so little future ahead of you, your mind turned so often to the things of the past. In quiet moments, your mind invariably traveled along the familiar paths of memories.
You particularly enjoyed reminiscing about your relationship with Mathias. The early days, when you and he would sing drunken ballads on abused karaoke machines every Friday, your first kiss, set against a scenic Danish park, and the first gift he had given you—a small silver broach that resembled the marguerite daisy.
The broach now pinned a scarf around your delicate neck.
It suddenly seemed ridiculously unfair. Somewhere, there were women in their 90s, who were remembering, too. Your memories seemed so nominal compared to what theirs must be.
Mathias took your hand carefully. "You alright, babe?"
You nodded weakly and smiled happily.
Your memories may have been small. But he had made them fantastic.
:iconshayinwonderland:ShayInWonderland 23 2


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Oh my ponies, it's been so long since I've been on here! D:

I started a new job shortly after my accident (I'M A PRESCHOOL TEACHER. YAY!), and have been spending a lot of time there, but posting should be here soon. >w< I have a three-week break coming up, so hopefully I'll have time soon. OwO

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